Welcome to Seeds of Awakening


I help people go deep, ask the difficult questions, make
peace with the past, look forward to the future and
live mindfully in the present.


I find great joy in supporting those who have lost a loved one. I provide a safe environment to process grief and tools to help you move forward in your life. I believe that dying can teach powerful lessons about living.

An authentic, intentional life is created by learning, expanding, thinking in new ways and taking actions consistent with new insights and knowledge. If you are in a place where every day is a struggle, you feel lost, numb and alone – I would love to walk beside you on your journey.

If you are in a deep dark place it would be an honor to help you find meaning in your life again. 


  • Coaching individuals and couples
  • Family Grief Support
  • Keynote Speaker


(801) 404-3914

One Session – $125
Two Sessions – $225 (Save $25)
Four Sessions – $395 (Save $105)
Eight Sessions – $780 (Save $220)
Twelve Sessions – $995 (Save $505)