Counseling might be helpful

“A man’s pride can be his downfall, and he needs to learn when to turn to others for support and guidance.”

~ Bear Grylls

Although many problems can be solved by setting goals, creating new habits and being persistent in moving forward in a positive direction, some challenges are best resolved with the help of a professional.

I love this analogy: when your car breaks down, it’s way faster and easier to take it to a mechanic instead of reading books, watching YouTube videos, or taking a class to learn how to fix it yourself. A mechanic is a professional who has extensive experience working on cars. He’s able to get you back on the road quickly. It isn’t necessary for you to suffer and struggle until you’re able to resolve all your own problems. Even though most people are extremely proud and independent, life is bound to throw us one or two things we just can’t figure out by ourselves.

When my mother died, I was overcome with grief. I fell into a deep depression. I was in a very dark place. I couldn’t function. I didn’t go anywhere and even quit praying for two full months. I wasn’t willing to be raw and vulnerable with anyone, not even God. I finally hit my rock bottom. A neighbor suggested I start seeing a counselor. I somehow took that first step to call and schedule an appointment with the therapist she recommended. Those counseling sessions literally saved my life. They gave me the strength, courage and understanding to carry on. My therapist blessed my life in so many ways!

Attorneys, accountants, counselors, and other professionals can prove to be invaluable resources in difficult circumstances. Be wise enough to hire someone when you’re stuck. You don’t have to solve all your problems alone.