“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

~ Plato

Have you ever had a day when everything seemed to go wrong? Have you caught yourself being grouchy? You notice you’re in a really bad mood, you’re in pain, or you feel stressed? Maybe you can’t put your finger on it but things just aren’t going very well and you’re feeling yucky and kind of blah. This is a great time to remember the magic of Music.

Turn on some music to lift your spirits. Instantly your mood will shift. You’ll be transported to another time and place. In your mind’s eye, you can be dancing in a peaceful meadow, sitting in a movie theater or floating freely out in space. Music has the power to take control of your emotions and transform them.

I use this tool often. When I’m driving home from work in rush hour traffic, I tune in to the Classical music station and witness a miracle. Instead of feeling frustrated, irritated and stressed I get lost in the beauty of the music. Before I know it I’m turning into my driveway and closing the garage door.

Sometimes on a Saturday, when I really don’t feel like cleaning the house, I’ll find a particularly spunky station and pump up the tunes. Within minutes I find myself dancing around the house, singing along to every song and enjoying the task at hand. It works wonders.

Words, notes and rhythm combine to create a specific mood. If you’re not enjoying the emotional space you’re currently occupying – turn on some great music and witness the miraculous capacity of a song to lift and cheer you!

If you love to sing, turn on music that you enjoy and sing along, full voice, at the top of your lungs. It feels good! After two or three songs, the world feels like a much better place.

I direct the singing for the children in my church. I love to see their faces light up when we sing one of their favorite songs or sing a song with fun actions that go along with it.

Music communicates powerful messages. It can lift and inspire. Difficult days can be made bearable by allowing good music to nourish and support you.