“Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tire?”

~ Corrie Ten Boom

When you’re feeling lost and alone, frustrated or confused, be assured that the most sure way to find clarity is through prayer. The quickest, simplest way to feel peace is to say a prayer. God knows things we don’t.

I almost always pray vocally. Whether I’m driving somewhere, kneeling beside my bed or sitting on a park bench, it helps to speak my thoughts out loud. Putting my feelings into words and sentences helps me sort out what’s going on inside my head. I can hear me, so I know God can hear me too.

Does it sometimes seem your prayers sound more like whining and complaining? That’s okay! Simply pour out your heart to your Maker. Explain every pain and frustration. Dump out everything that’s got you all tied up inside. Purge your negative emotions and worries. Prayer is a safe place to unload.

By the time you’ve said all there is to say about your situation, you’re ready to ask for guidance. God has a real grasp on the big picture – all the components, everything involved. Ask for comfort. Ask what He would have you do. Ask to be given just one step you can take that will bring you closer to a solution. You will feel guided about what you should do. Something will come to your mind. Be open. Make sure to write down the inspiration and then follow through.

Moving forward and making progress gets you unstuck and brings you clarity and peace.

Prayer is my lifeline. Each evening before I go to bed I review my calendar. I write down the things I want to accomplish the next day and then prioritize my list. It’s interesting though, sometimes when I say my evening prayer and ask, “What is the most important thing you want me to do tomorrow?” I get an impression to do something that isn’t even on the list.

Years ago after asking “the most important thing” question, a neighbor’s face came into my mind. The next day I kind of forgot about that prompting until it was after nine o’clock at night. I was driving home from somewhere and decided to stop and knock on her door. Her daughter answered and said, “She’s not here, her Dad just passed away. It’s just a few blocks away; would you like to come with me?” I agreed. When I got there I embraced her. She announced to her Mom, “My friend has come to sing to us.” I sang Amazing Grace and we cried together. It was a tender mercy to be able to support my friend in this way. I am so grateful that a loving Heavenly Father guides and directs us when we invite Him to.