“I don’t endorse very many therapists or life coaches. As a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) for over 20 years I am very picky about who I refer my clients, family members, and friends to. I say that to emphasize that when I endorse Jewels without hesitation that I don’t do so lightly. Jewels is what her namesake implies: a rare, priceless gem. She’s the real deal. She’s as authentic, bright, loving, dynamic, and infectious as they come. And she knows her stuff. Jewels makes amazing things happen in her own life and helps her clients make amazing things happen in their lives with solid, practical, and effective strategies. If you have the chance to work with Jewels you are in for a rare treat. Buckle up and expect things to change.”

Jonathan D. Sherman

“Jewels is a breath of fresh air. I highly recommend anyone wanting to move forward with more joy in their life to reach out to Jewels and implement her principles.”

Becky Mackintosh

“Have you ever had someone whose conversation alone feels like a hug? That’s how I would describe Jewels. Never has a name been more fitting of one of most charismatic, dynamic, and enthusiastic individuals I’ve had the pleasure of working with. In our work together Jewels and I were mentoring college students at a local university. Jewels was responsible for hundreds of students, and despite the large group knew everyone by name and could engage each person in meaningful conversation about their lives. Emotional intelligence and the ability to connect with people is becoming the new currency of our economy, and Jewels is rich in both.”

Adam Bailey