Previously I’ve been posting things that have helped me work through the challenges of my life’s journey, (“life-hacks”). About five years ago, I attended Clinical Pastoral Training and learned a lot about all the different religions and psychology. I became certified as an Interfaith Chaplain. I now work in Hospice. I provide spiritual support to people who are on their way to transitioning from this life into the next.  It’s a vulnerable, sweet, and sacred time. I get to witness some pretty amazing things.

I had a 92-year-old Polynesian patient who was delightful. He had a beautiful smile and twinkly eyes. He was very hard of hearing, and we’d have to speak super loud for him to hear us. His family adored him. He was such a sweetheart. He hadn’t walked unassisted for a couple of months.

When he passed, this is the report the nurse gave our hospice team – “He passed peacefully. His wife and three daughters were present. They told a cool story about what happened just before he passed. The patient got out of bed, with his arms outstretched up towards the sky, walking firmly and not wavering in his step at all, and walked without assistance, (which is not normal for him). When he got to the end of the bed, he turned around, went back and laid down, took three deep breaths and then passed.”

When I read this, I imagined that someone from heaven had come to get him, he got up and was going to go with them but was told, “You can’t take your body with you”, so he turned around and laid it back down, and then was ready to go.

It’s such an honor to be a part of my patient’s lives and support them through this poignant transition.